Going back to the drawing board

Cameron DegeliaAs I was looking over some of my recent articles this week, I noticed something quite alarming. In the short time I have been writing, the content I have been posting, while useful, has not represented the purpose of my ministry well. Therefore I feel I have jumped out ahead of myself. In order to get back on track I must change directions. But before I do that I need to explain the what and why to you so you understand where I am aiming.

As some of you know, I was called to ministry back in 2012. At that time, and even now to some degree, I was not sure what exactly this calling was going to look like. All I knew at this point was that I needed to find a bible college, start equipping myself, and pray relentlessly until God placed me where he wanted me to be. As I finally surrendered my life to his will my eyes were opened and I began to see  how juvenile my spiritual walk really was . I had a serious lack of wisdom and knowledge that made it impossible for me to grow into spiritual maturity. I was ill equipped to even share my faith with others.  This lack of knowledge, I believe, is the reason for the lack of effectivness the church has in society these days. It has led to the decline in church growth, and church influence. It has led to a rise in immortality, lack of trust, and total disfunction in the life of the western church. I went on mission to build  that strong foundation I needed to move forward in my walk with God and my ministry, and as I did, I realized this was my ministry. To bring this issue to light and help other leaders equip their sheep as well.

On any given Sunday you can sit in a church house anywhere in the country and see people who are dedicated to their church, who have been members there for 20 plus years, yet do not even know for sure that their prayers are reaching past the ceiling. And if they are, they don’t truly believe that they are being answered. There is an even more alarming number of those who have never even shared their faith openly in public. They come every week and join every group in the church. They attend every function and never miss a day of sunday school, yet they have never led anyone to the Lord. If you ask most church members today why they come to church, most will tell you they are there to get fed spiritually, and to grow in Christ. Wrong! They do not even know how to open their bibles and pull the truth out of it that they need to live a victorious christian life. Why is this so? The answer is so fundamental and basic, yet we have missed the train completely.

Fact #1 We have neglected the Great Commision

In Matthew chapter 28, We are given the Great Commision to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Teaching them all that Christ has commanded us. We have made some new converts. We have even baptized a few. But we always fail in teaching them all that Christ has commanded. The great commission is not fulfilled by the number of decisions we can get for Christ, or how many people get baptized. The command is only fulfilled when we follow through with our new converts and disciple them until they have learned the basic fundamentals of the faith. Once we do that, they can start to grow spiritually and feed themselves.


Fact #2 Discipleship training should not last for twenty years. This one kills me. While it is true that you will always be a disciple of Christ, you should not always be going through discipleship training. The training you do for the rest of your christian life is called spiritual growth and maturity. Basic training that is needed to give you the tools for spiritual growth is called discipleship training. Jesus spent about a year with his disciples before he sent them out 2 by 2 to do his work in the neighboring villages and towns. Furthermore, he completely wrapped their training up in three years and when he assended to heaven, he left them fully equipped to fulfill the great commision. People, it doesnt take you twenty years to learn the basics such as: how to pray, how to feed yourself from the word of God, what being a servant looks like, how to defend the faith, how to share your faith, and how to answer the hard questions. All of this can be completed in a short amount of time and once completed, will give each member of your congregation the firm foundation they need to mature in the christian life.

My ministry exists to change the way we approach evangelism, training, new believers, and the great commision as a whole. I am here to help refocus leaders and laypeople alike on the  importance of discipleship training and the proper way to conduct it. In a nutshell, this ministry is a brick laying ministry. I want to revuild the foundation under my fellow believers so they have a strong platform to build their spiritual house on. With that said, I will attempt to realign my blog to subjects more relative to this mission. I hope I succeed in this realignment and I hope the articles I submit continue to bless those who read them.

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