The 7 Stone Foundation of the Believer

The Rock and a Hard Place

Our rock as believers collectively is Jesus Christ our Lord. In him we have our substance, security, and sustainmnent in the faith. He is our sure foundation. Beyond that however, every believer has to be firmly planted and skilled in several fundamental disciplines that build the believer’s foundation for growth into a mature believer. Without which, they will most assuredly grow stagnant as a babe in the faith, never growing beyond the most elementary levels of understanding and spiritual wisdom.

The problem is as old as the church,m u

In Hebrews chapter    , the bible addresses the Jews which had been scattered abroad by the fall of Jerusulem into the hands of the Roman empire in 70AD. It abruptly targeted this very issue stating that “while ye ought to be teachers yourselves, you have need that someone teach you again the fundamental disciplines of the faith”. It goes on to say that while they should be in the meat of the word, they are still in need of milk. This is the sad truth in the great majority of believers today. We have failed to carry out the full commission of Christ, never teaching them to the observe all that he has commanded. We get them packed into the church, force them to make a halfhearted decision for Christ then making sure they continue to show up for church. Thats it! That is what our modern model of discipleship has been reduced to. We expect the church to teach them these foundations in sunday school and morning worship, therefore wiping our hands clean of the responsibility. newsflash! the church never teaches them and it is not the job of the church administration to do so. we leave brand new christians just as unlearned 20 years down the road ( with the exceptionaqE of an increased churchy vocabulary at best) than they were the day they first stepped into the church doors.

Actions speak the loudest

Every believer must learn how to feed themselves from the Word of God in order to grow in understanding and wisdom. Yet, less than 10 percent of the evangelical church in America can properly explain the different dispensaions in the bible that are crucial to rightly dividing its contents . Prayer is the most important discipline in any believer’s life, yet the percentage of Christians who pray regularly and with  a fervent spirit of faith is very low. How is your witness? Dos you refularly share your faith with others in order to win people to Jesus. Ill bet you don’t. If it wasn’t a sin to gamble money away i would bet you 20 bucks that you don’t even have your personal testimony written and memorized in such a way that you can readily tell others what Christ has done for you. How do I know thhis and why do I care?  Because I am preaching primarily to myself. I took a hard look at my walk with Christ to see why it wasnt producing fruit. When i did, I discovered why the church has contined to lose ground year after year in America. We are all guilty of the same things.  It is time to step up an do something about it.  That’s where we step in.

The Seven Foundation Stones of maturity

In all my time over the past 4 years that i have spent researching these issues, i repeatedly got caught up on the same seven roadblocks at every turn. These are the seven foundational disciplines that each and every believer should master in order to be equipped to  mature in the faith the way Christ intended us to.

1. Prayer

2. Personal bible Study

3. apologetics ( defending thr faith )

4. Christian Service

5. Christian Ethics

6. Persoanl Evangelism

7. Testimony