To God be The Glory, all the Glory. Hello everyone my name is Danny Foxworth. I want to welcome you to my site and take a minute to tell you about myself. I am a southern boy from the Wiregrass area of South Alabama. My story does not include great victories, examples of success, or any level of notoriety. I am not a Doctor of anything, I don’t have a PHD from Cambridge, and the only thing from Oxford I’ll probably ever touch is my Scofield study bible. I don’t have a television ministry, radio program, and I’m not the pastor of a mega-church. I’m not the pastor of any church for that matter. However, I have a mission and a message that I have been tasked to broadcast. I am an evangelist, church training consultant, servant, and follower of Christ. Several years ago I realized the call of God into the ministry. I have spent the last few years dedicating myself to prayer and the focused study of His Word in preparation for this call. My vision is not important. I say that because I have had so many visions about my ministry that fell through, that I finally realized it isn’t my ministry, its God’s. I am following his perfect counsel to fulfill his perfect will through me his servant. I am 39 years old and live in south Alabama. I am married to the most wonderful, God fearing woman in the world. Karlotta and myself have 6 beautiful children and a cute little poodle named Bell. We are members of the Southern Baptist Convention and have a wonderful church family . I enjoy hunting, fishing and taking in the beauty of God’s creation outdoors. I am a combat veteran and spent 12 years in the US Army serving this wonderful blessed nation of Christian people.

My Work as an Evangelist I am passionate about the Gospel of our Lord and Savior. But more specifically, I am passionate about the accuracy of its contents and proper delivery of its message. The Gospel of Christ has been distorted and grossly misrepresented so often in our culture, that it has become watered down and the consequences of it are felt throughout the Western Church. My goal in preaching the Gospel of Christ is to dispel false teaching, repair its damage on deceived hearts, bring to light the true message of the Gospel, and prepare hearts for the awesome work of the Holy Spirit.

My work as a Training Consultant Discipleship is another passion that God has developed in me. Only 1% of church pastors believe the training of disciples in their churches is satisfactory. This is the most foundational function of the church and yet our theories and practices for making and equipping disciples is completely out of sync with the model that Christ provides in the Gospels. 80% of the major problems we face internally as a church today can be solved by getting this one area of the ministry right. The encouraging truth, however, is that we can solve it. It will require a complete change in mindset and direction but we can make it happen. My mission to help church leaders make this change in their congregations.

Testimony As a child, I grew up in a small Baptist church, raised by Christian parents. My childhood was like most Christian kids and I gave my life to the Lord at age ten. However, as I grew up into my adolescent years I strayed from the faith as many do and followed my own interests, giving in to the pressure of my friends. The lust of the flesh and the pride of life had chocked out the Word in my life. By the time I was in my twenties I wanted nothing to do with church or God. I joined the military and got married. I had children and raised my family apart from God. All seemed well, until life started to happen. I went off to war in Iraq, which changed everything, and when I returned home life would never be the same. I was diagnosed with PTSD and fell into alcoholism and drug abuse. My life was going nowhere fast and I was powerless to stop it. I even got hospitalized with suicidal Idealizations and extreme depression.
Like most false professing Christians I thought I was saved and did not understand why my life had gotten this way. I believed in Christ and I had even been baptized. Why was my life so messed up? I had always had a cognitive knowledge of who Christ is and what he had done for me. What I did not have was the knowledge of what I was to do with that knowledge. I lacked volitional belief.

Circumstances surrounding my conversion. My wife and I had recently started back to a church near our home and as we continued to attend, circumstances and events started to shape reality for me in a big way (God was at work). What happened next would be the single greatest moment of my life. As I traveling one day I met a man on the road to amaeus (my amaeus just happened to be the road to work) and that man was Jesus. At that moment I realized true saving faith when I totally surrendered my entire life to him. Everything I had, all my time, my family, my home, everything was surrendered and laid at his feet. That, my friends, is true conversion. I had become crucified with Christ.

My growth Since that day my life has been filled with his will. I am no longer addicted to drugs and alcohol, I have been called to the ministry and my life literally revolves around God’s word and his will for my life. I see things happen in my life everyday that I know are guided by the hand of God. My knowledge of his word has increased leaps and bounds above anything I could have ever expected. I can’t shake the feeling that God has something big around the corner for me that he just has not yet revealed. I would not trade my relationship with Christ for all the kingdoms of the world and I want to shout his name on the rooftops.
Several years ago God started to open my eyes to some serious problems that were affecting his people and gave me a simple answer to how he would fix it. Discipleship training and a mindset for ministry that puts this task first and foremost is the only thing that will fix it. I thank God that he found me worthy enough to carry out this wonderful ministry with him.