The Avoidable Extinction of Gospel Preaching

Confrontational or Comfortable

Genuine Gospel preaching is not a feel good message that warms our heart. It is a message that confronts our sin head on without bias and exposes us for who we are, sinners. The feel good message of the Gospel is experienced only if and when the sinner has been broken before a Holy God and excepts the atonement of the blood for his own through saving faith. Apart from that, the gospel is nothing less than offensive.

The new feel good, get rich, be all you can be gospel message of the postmodern evangelical church is nothing short of heresy. It is rare these days to hear the gospel preached in such a way that it cuts right to the issue and lights hearts on fire with divine conviction. The message we hear today seeks not to offend people or pass judgment on what society says is morally acceptable. It is crafted to be accepted by all people in the hopes that it will fill the pews of our churches and not scare good tithe payers away. It has ceased from being the beautiful bride  message of the Gospel today varies greatly from that of the church just a half century ago, as evidenced by the following comparison of two very popular preachers of their times


“It is really incumbent on all Christians, of every brand and stripe that we join together on things we share in common. And when I say, do you believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Yes. Do you believe Jesus Christ rose? Yes. Do you believe He died on the cross? Yes. Do you believe in hell and heaven? Yes. Do you believe the Bible is God’s Word? Yes. Then we are on the same team. We might not agree on all of the minors, but we are Christians!”
– Rick Warren in his “PEACE Plan” author of The Purpose Driven Life


“Conversion is a complete surrender to Jesus. It’s a willingness to do what he wants you to do.”
– Billy Sunday one of his famous quotes taken from a general quote source


Truth vs. Lie

If you take a minute to read and seek to understand the message in these two quotes you will see how vastly different they are in theological perspective. For example, Rick Warren, who is pastor of Saddleback Church and named America’s preacher, believes that all those who say “Lord Lord”, or all those who throw out the name of Christ are redeemed Christians. The cognitive belief that Jesus is who he said he was is all that is required. If you believe that you are saved! Furthermore, he is clearly for unity of the church to include the Roman church. Rick, goes on in the same article to state that there are 2.3 billion Christians on earth that are saved by grace through faith. Rick is a “broad way gate attendant” who stands at the way of destruction funneling people in by the thousands. Rick is all for falling back under the Catholic church, by way of his statements. He will embrace the one world church of the antichrist in my opinion. Rick Warren’s Gospel is a feel good easygoing gospel (little g) where one can say yes I believe then go on living the same sinful destructive and self-centered lives they use to, blissfully ignorant of the fact that they are going to split hell wide open. All the while, filling Rick’s false prophet party pants with plentiful profits by the pound. For the record, Rick seems like a great guy and a sincere believer. This just further adds to the evidence that satan really is the subtle one. On the other hand, one of the 20th century’s most acclaimed evangelists Billy Sunday, in one of his small but hearty quotes gives a totally opposite look at the Gospel message and one that will stand the tests of time and truth. According to Billy, one must completely surrender all that he is and all that he has to Jesus, falling under his Lordship and seeking to fulfill the will of the Father in his/her life regardless of the outcome. If Billy were still an evangelist today, he would be the most hungry and broke preacher in the country apart from God’s provision. His message of total surrender would be shunned by this wicked postmodern society faster than you can say Amen!

Another biblical truth that clashes with Mr. Warren’s message is the fact that you must be born again. Jesus tells nicodemus in John chapter 3, that one must be born again to enter the kingdom of God. The conversion of a soul to Christianity is not our doing Mr. Warren. It is wholly the act of the Holy Spirit in the spirit of the man. There is a conversion that takes place and a miraculous change happens in the life of the believer. The bible calls it being born again not believing that Jesus is who he says he was and did what he says he did. For example, the demon in the boy that cried out to Jesus when he cast him out was a born again believer according to Rick Warrens Gospel. For he said, “I know who you are thou Holy one of God, hast thou came to torture us before the time?” This demon knew exactly who Jesus was, what he was here to do, and how he was to do it. So, since demons are everlasting beings, does that mean that we now have 2.3billion and 1 Christians now on earth? Absolutely not! Just like there are not 2.3 billion born again believers on earth identified in the heavens as the Bride of Christ. I would be surprised if there were 2.3 million and 1 truly born again, God fearing, Christ following believers on this planet.

The time is nigh

Let those of us who have been deceived take heart to this message and seek out Christ with humility and genuineness of heart and repent of our sins, asking the Lord Jesus Christ to become Lord of our lives by grace through faith and understand that words don’t save anyone. For those of us charged with the blessed calling to preach the Gospel of Christ, let us take Isaiah chapter 6 to heart. God is seeking those believers who will take the truth of the bible, without compromise, and without reservation to the nations. He is calling “Who will go for us?” Answer today, in fullness of heart; “here I am Lord, send me.” Remember what James said: “Be not many masters, knowing we shall receive the greater condemnation.” If you are preaching and promoting the prosperity gospel there will be consequences for those actions. The time for decisional theology is long over with. We are in the last days and today is the day for truth. He said “I will come like a thief in the night” a time which no one expects. Ask yourself this question in closing: When the Son of Man returns, will he find faith on earth?