Discipleship an individual responsibility

4422611592_03ab9090eb_zMany people equate the training of disciples with the church as if it is a function of church leadership. The truth, however is that discipleship is the responsibility of each individual believer. The training of disciples is stressed much in the Gospels but it is not mentioned in the epistles of Paul. Why is that? First, Christ is our example for all discipleship training. He gives us all the practical training we need to go seek and train up disciples in all that he has commanded (Matt 28:18-20). Jesus specialized in making and training disciples, that was his entire ministry and he commanded us to do the same. Us means you not the corporate church. Paul’s main focus in his epistles is the operation and order of the corporate church. And the main mission of the church is fellowship and worship. You do not hear of discipleship training after the book of acts because Paul is not concerned with it because it is an individual responsibility handled in depth by the Gospels and not a function of the church. If believers today would fulfill their responsibility to seek out and train disciples for Christ, the church would be the most powerful community in the world. However, we shrug it off as a function of the church and relieve ourselves of the responsibility altogether. What will Christ say when we meet him face to face and he asks what we have done for him and how we handled the responsibilities he entrusted us with? I sincerely hope depart from me is not the first words out of his mouth. The bible tells us to test ourselves to see whether we are in the faith. Are you fulfilling your responsibility to the Gospel?