Our Mission


The church is beautiful. It is the blushing bride of the King of all Kings. One day it will be adorned in all the glory of the heavenlies and will take its place around the throne of almighty God. Yet in all its future glory, the church is losing steam in the world, especially in America. It is filled with false doctrine, riddled with confusion, and weak in power. When we look upon the church today, it is hard to see the beauty that lies within its future.

Take a good look at how far we have fallen in the last half century. The church in America in the 1950s would have never allowed same sex marriage, partial birth abortion, or legalization of marijuana without a fight to the death. Voting in corrupt politicians, disregarding the constitution, and celebration of illegal immigrant rights over the people was not even heard of in those days. Yet today, our country is no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave. It is corrupted and weak. Just in the last 20 years, we have become a laughing stock to many nations around the world who use to look up to the USA. Why is this? I believe it is the silence and passive attitude of the modern church. And what is the reason for this silence…. Fear.

Fear has driven the church into silent acceptance. It is no longer our job to speak out against immorality and stand for truth. We are satisfied hiding in our church houses around the country and forgetting what is happening on the outside of those four walls. Why is the church content to remain silent in this mess we are in?

People in the church today are scared to speak out because they don’t know how. They are not operating in the power of the Holy Spirit because they do not know how to harness his power. They do not give a defense for the faith because they don’t have a good defense to give. They are not out there telling others the good news of Christ because they don’t have a personal testimony. And they are not sticking their necks out there for the church because they are not operating in the Spirit.

Let me go on. They are not praying for the country because they have no prayer life and no confidence in prayer. They are not growing in the faith because they don’t know how to feed themselves. Last but not least, they are not living right for Christ because they are not truly born again. This is not the case for all of the churches in America, nor is it true of every Christian. However, the great majority will no doubt fall into at least one if not more of these categories. Whose fault is this? It is our fault! It is the leaders in the modern day church who are to blame.

We have failed to do our jobs and run the church in the way Jesus told us to before he ascended on high. We have failed to truly make disciples, preferring rather to make decisions and fill the pews rather than fill hearts with the Gospel. We have failed to teach them all that He has commanded us as He stated in the Great Commission. We have failed to preach the whole Gospel of Christ choosing to preach only those parts that are easily digested. And we have filled people with false hopes about a salvation many of them have never gotten.

That is the mission of this ministry, to proclaim the true gospel message. To teach disciples how to grow in the faith and train leaders to build proper discipleship training programs in their churches. The ways we are to fix our issues are simple. We must preach the holistic Gospel, make genuine disciples, train our people in the foundational disciplines of the faith so they can grow in spiritual maturity, and set the example as the apostles did in their time, so that the people know what right looks like. We must stop practicing likership and reconstitute leadership in our churches.

Practical Discipleship Ministries will:

1. Build training programs that focus on teaching the believer to live the Christian life and grow in the faith in least amount of time possible and in the most practical format possible.

2. Teach disciples and leaders the seven foundational disciplines of the faith.

3. Focus on training in the model given by our master trainer Jesus Christ.

4. Preach the message of the Cross of Jesus Christ

5. Follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit

6. Provide content that will edify the believer and help them grow in Christ

7. Take no praise or glory for ourselves and direct all praise to God.

8. Do all things in prayer