Praying through the pages – the benefits of prayer journaling


Universal Prayer Problem

Maintaining a consistent prayer life is one of the most difficult disciplines to sustain for the busy believer. I have had such a difficult time with this myself and i’ve tried just about every fix out there to get more consistent at it. You don’t have time, the kids need something, your working overtime, or you just don’t feel like it. Do these sound like the same distractions you deal with? I’m sure they are and i’ll bet you’ve tried everything too. This week I am starting a new series called praying through the pages. I wanted to write a series on prayer journaling that is all inclusive. We will start in this post with the overview and benefits, and we will continue all the way through design and implementation of our own custom prayer journals designed especially to meet our needs. I started journaling a while back and I can attest to the fact that it can and will solve a lot of the problems associated with your lack of consistent prayer. So lets get started.

What’s a prayer journal?

A pray journal is many things for many people. Some people just want a notebook to keep track of what they are praying for. Others like to keep an emotional diary of their whole spiritual life so they can look back on how they have matured over the years and catalog the lessons they Dvortygirlhave learned. And some people like to do all the above and more. I am in the third category and that is how I am going to design mine. The fact is there are innumerable types of prayer and spiritual journals and that is a good thing. That means we are not tied to any specific format. We can customize until our heart’s content. The purpose I want us to focus on in designing our prayer journals is eliminating the problems in our prayer lives and removing the roadblocks to consistent prayer. Trust me when I say that a prayer journal can help you do this and more. You will design your journal to meet a myriad of wants and needs. It should be like your easy chair or comfort food. It should draw you to prayer because it is your happy place. We are going to put our heart and soul into this project but it will be worth it in the end, I promise.

What’s next?  

I want to go into this project with the mindset that we are going to solve our prayer life problems not just create a happy prayer environment. A lot of people have information on how to build a prayer journal that is “happy” but I want a prayer journal that changes our prayer life forever. However, I started this whole prayer journal thing after watching this video from Gina Garland that was sent to me by a friend. She has an awesome prayer journal that the ladies will love, but I want to build a big boy/girl journal. In any case, Gina was very instrumental to me starting a prayer journal and she is definitely worth watching. Next week we will start planning our prayer journals so check this video out as well as others out there on the web.